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08.28.23 Spelling Out A Touching Musical At Tierra Del Sol
06.21.23 The Studio 'Unnecessary Farce' Impresses With Delirious Comedy
05.31.23 The Studio Theatre Reveals Upcoming Mystery Musical
04.12.23 The Studio Theatre Announces Season 8
04.05.23 Audience Moved by Studio's 'These Shining Lives'
02.15.23 'La Cage Aux Folles' Does Not Disappoint An Excited Audience


12.30.22 Once again, The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol earned numerous nominations for the BroadwayWorld Orlando Awards, and now is the time for patrons to vote.
12.07.22 "The Chinese Lady" Thought-Provoking Long After it's Over
04.22.22 LA CAGE AUX FOLLES & More Announced for The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol 2022/2023 Season
03.01.22 No. 6 at the Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
02.04.22 Goofy 'Urinetown' Goes Beyond Restroom Humor
02.04.22 Goofy 'Urinetown' Goes Beyond Restroom Humor
01.04.22 URINETOWN on stage this month!


12.03.21 'The Cake' Shares Lessons in Love (PDF)
11.04.21 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Presents THE CAKE by Bekah Brunstetter
06.10.21 Studio's "Spike Heels" Packs a Punch (PDF)
04.19.21 Studio's 'Ada & The Engine' circles past, future. The show will run until May 8 at The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. (PDF)
01.17.21 Studio Now Streaming Newest Snack-Size Play (PDF)
02.06.21 Studio Theatre Puts On Colorful Production of '9 to 5' (PDF)
02.07.21 Patrons Celebrate First Studio Show Back (PDF)


10.21.20 Villages theater offers virtual staged play reading 'Candida' by George Bernard Shaw
09.16.20 Villages theater offers viewers free virtual play reading on Friday
09.09.20 Villages theater offers 'Deborah' for viewers to stream staged play
08.16.20 BWW Review: THE AUNTIE NETWORK presented by The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
07.23.20 Review: Villages' virtual play 'The Violet Sisters' is gripping, realistic
05.14.20 The Studio Theatre Navigates Virtual Table Readings (PDF)
05.14.20 Villages thespians offer virtual play ‘A Woman of No Importance’ on Friday
04.21.20 Orlando's arts scene: While we stay in, here's what's up
04.08.20 Studio Theatre Announces Season Five Shows (PDF)
04.07.20 The Studio Theatre Announces Season Five, Featuring 9 TO 5 and More!
03.03.20 The Studio Theatre Presents ELEGIES
02.25.20 Show Does Go On, Thanks to Understudies (PDF)
02.25.20 Bold, disturbing, funny describes 'Assassins,' playing in The Villages
02.07.20 Musical Explanations Are at the Heart of 'Assassins' (PDF)
01.15.20 Sondheim's 'Assassins' Set to Open Next Week
01.08.20 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Presents OTHER DESERT CITIES, On Sale Now


12.01.19 In The Villages, a polished look at global 'Neighbors' | Review
11.29.19 'Neighbors' At The Studio Explores Issues That Divide Us (PDF)
10.13.19 The Studio Theatre – Tierra Del Sol Brings to the Stage "Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement"
10.07.19 'John & Jen:' Packed With Nostalgia and Important Messages (PDF)
09.27.19 Studio Theatre Raises Curtain on Season 4 (PDF)
09.03.19 John & Jen To Open Season Four At The Studio Theatre (PDF)
07.15.19 Studio Theatre To Host Q&A With Season 4 Playwright (PDF)
06.04.19 After 'Now. Here. This.,' Studio Theatre prepares for summer shows, fourth season
05.24.19 'Now. Here. This.' Offers Sustenance For the Soul (PDF)
05.11.19 Don't Miss 'Now. Here. This.' At The Studio Theatre (PDF)
05.10.19 Play Workshop Takes Scripts From the Page To the Stage (PDF)
05.03.19 Calling All Actors to Studio Theatre Auditions (PDF)
04.24.19 "A Doll's House" is Still Apropos for Society
04.23.19 Take a Peek Behind The Theater Curtains (PDF)
03.29.19 Studio Theatre Tackles Growing Political Split (PDF)
03.29.19 'A Doll's House' Still Pertinent 140 Years Later (PDF)
03.28.19 Cosmic Comedy 'Now. Here. This.' Slated for The Studio Theatre (PDF)
02.04.19 Tickets On Sale For Studio's First Play Workshop (PDF)
02.04.19 The Studio Theatre to Present 'A Doll's House' (PDF)
01.24.19 'It Shoulda Been You' Is Filled With Side-Splitting Situations (PDF)
01.23.19 It May Be Off Broadway, But Not Far
01.03.19 Enjoy Some Wedding Day Shenanigans at The Studio (PDF)


12.10.18 Studio Theatre Up For Several Broadway World Awards (PDF)
12.07.18 'Stop Kiss' Eloquently Delivers Powerful Story (PDF)
10.31.18 New Actor Strengthens Dynamic in 'The Story of My Life' (PDF)
10.22.18 Next Play at Studio Theatre Explores Risks In Relationships (PDF)
10.19.18 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Presents A DOLL'S HOUSE
09.14.18 VIDEO: Go Inside Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol's THE STORY OF MY LIFE
09.09.18 See Your Script Come to Life at The Studio's New Play Workshop (PDF)
09.05.18 The Studio Theatre Mounts STOP KISS
08.23.18 The Studio Theatre Mounts IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU
08.20.18 Studio Theatre Will Open Season 3 With 'The Story Of My Life' (PDF)
08.08.18 THE STORY OF MY LIFE Comes to The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol
05.30.18 'Hear My Songs' An Evening of Pure Music (PDF)
05.04.18 'Tell Me on a Sunday' Is Musical Theater at Its Purest (PDF)
05.03.18 Enjoy Theater Music Favorites Like Never Before (PDF)
04.21.18 Studio Theatre Welcomes Actors To June Auditions (PDF)
04.13.18 The Studio Theatre Presents HEAR MY SONGS: The Music of Jason Robert Brown
04.13.18 The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol Announces Third Season Line Up
04.13.18 'Red' Captivates Audience at Studio Theatre (PDF)
04.11.18 Talking with Yvette Kojic (PDF)
04.07.18 Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol Announces General Auditions for Season 3 (jpg)
04.03.18 The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol Announces Shows for Season Three (PDF)
03.25.18 The Studio Theatre Announces Show in Summer Song Cycle Series (PDF)
03.07.18 One-of-a-Kind Experiment To Unfold Live at Studio Theatre (PDF)
02.27.18 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Presents WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT
02.19.18 Musical 'Company' shines at Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol
02.14.18 Explore the Crevices of An Artist's Mind With 'Red' (PDF)
02.07.18 Large Cast, Live Music Make Awesome Company (PDF)
02.06.18 Photo Flash: The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol presents COMPANY
01.22.18 Whitney Morse Receives BroadwayWorld Award (PDF)
01.17.18 'Frankie and Johnny' Becomes a Tale of Multiple Johnnys (PDF)
01.15.18 Whitney Morse brings in a BroadwayWorld WIN for The Studio Theatre!
01.10.18 The Studio Theatre Wraps Season with RED


12.30.17 Frankie and Johnny's Love Life: To Be Or Not to Be? (PDF)
12.28.17 Talking with Nathaniel Niemi (PDF)
12.28.17 The Studio Theatre at Tierra Del Sol Receives 47 Award Nominations (PDF)
11.29.17 "Bad Jews" Is Intimate, Funny And Thought-Provoking (PDF)
11.28.17 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Presents COMPANY
11.18.17 Studio Theatre Rings in One Year of Productions (PDF)
11.09.17 "Bad Jews" is Good Theater
10.26.17 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol to Present FRANKIE AND JOHNNY IN THE CLAIR DE LUNE
09.28.17 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol presents BAD JEWS
08.19.17 The Villages® Daily Sun: Behind the Scenes, Team Brings Big Shows to Life (PDF)
05.31.17 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol Slates Second Season of 'Commitment'
05.11.17 The Studio Theatre announces season two lineup
04.28.17 The Studio Theatre presents SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD
04.27.17 BWW Blog: Clarissa Moon - Talking with Jill Jones from PROOF at The Studio Theatre
04.25.17 'Proof' that quality entertainment exists here
03.14.17 BWW Blog: Clarissa Moon - Talking with Whitney Morse from THE LAST 5 YEARS at The Studio Theatre
03.07.17 BWW Review: The Studio Theatre's LAST FIVE YEARS Brings the Emotion
02.21.17 Studio Theatre Selling Out All Shows So Far in The Season (PDF)
01.13.17 BWW Blog: Clarissa Moon - Talking with Lauren Culver from PRIVATE LIVES at The Studio Theatre
01.03.17 The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol to Pull Back the Curtain on PRIVATE LIVES


11.20.16 Have You Ever... Played a Part In Theater History? (PDF)
8.25.16 Curtain Call Nears for Next Villages Theatre (PDF)
8.12.16 The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol Announces Casting for Inaugural Season, Featuring NEXT TO NORMAL & More (PDF)
6.27.16 Next to Normal, Proof and More Set for The Studio Theatre in 2016-17 (PDF)
6.14.16 They Hope They Got It (PDF)


05.30.23 Angel Street (PDF)
05.30.23 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (PDF)
04.11.23 Unnecessary Farce (PDF)
02.23.23 Season 8 Announcement (PDF)


02.23.23 These Shining Lives (PDF)
12.16.22 La Cage Aux Folles (PDF)
10.07.22 The Chinese Lady (PDF)
09.13.22 In The Next Room, Or The Vibrator Play (PDF)
07.01.22 It's Only Life Cast Announcement (PDF)
05.23.22 It's Only Life (PDF)
04.22.22 Season 7 Announcement (PDF)


02.04.22 No. 6 (PDF)
01.04.22 Urinetown (PDF)
09.01.21 The Cake (PDF)
09.01.21 Broadbend Arkansas (PDF)
04.27.21 Season 6 Announcement (PDF)


08.16.21 Elegies: A Song Cycle (PDF)
07.12.21 Pipeline (PDF)
05.26.21 Spike Heels (PDF)
03.24.21 Ada and the Engine (PDF)
01.06.21 9 to 5 The Musical (PDF)
11.12.20 Round Table (PDF)
10.09.20 Candida: Oct 9th (PDF)
10.07.20 Candida: Oct 7th (PDF)
09.25.20 Snack-Sized Plays (PDF)
09.16.20 Cosmo St. Charles Is Deadt (PDF)
09.08.20 Deborah (PDF)
07.22.20 The Auntie Network (PDF)
07.07.20 Eat Your Heart Out (PDF)
07.1.20 Tartuffe (PDF)
06.26.20 The Violet Sisters (PDF)
06.24.20 The Squirrel Plays (PDF)
06.17.20 Accomodation (PDF)
06.10.20 Ever Young (PDF)
05.27.20 Qualia: A Post Nuclear Play (PDF)
05.20.20 Antigone (PDF)
05.13.20 A Woman of No Importance (PDF)
04.07.20 Season 5 Announcement (PDF)


03.03.20 Elegies (PDF)
01.13.20 Other Desert Cities (PDF)
11.21.19 Assassins (PDF)
11.21.19 Neighbors (PDF)
08.15.19 John & Jen (PDF)
04.16.19 Season 4 Announcement (PDF)


10.18.18 A Doll's House (PDF)
09.05.18 Stop Kiss (PDF)
08.27.18 It Shoulda Been You (PDF)
08.13.18 The Story of My Life (PDF)
05.31.18 Season 3 Announcement (PDF)


04.16.18 Hear My Songs (PDF)
03.06.18 Tell Me On A Sunday (PDF)
02.20.18 White Rabbit Red Rabbit (PDF)
01.11.18 Red (PDF)
11.27.17 Company (PDF)
10.30.17 Frankie And Johnny (PDF)
09.28.17 Bad Jews (PDF)
05.31.17 Season 2: Announcement (PDF)


04.28.17 Songs for a New World (PDF)
03.28.17 Proof (PDF)
02.09.17 The Last 5 Years (PDF)
12.19.16 Private Lives (PDF)
09.28.16 Next to Normal (PDF)
08.12.16 Season 1: Announcement (PDF)
08.12.16 Season 1: Cast Release (PDF)