The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
Trust Your Instincts Theme Artwork

Season 8: Trust Your Instincts.

We all know that innate feeling in the pit of our stomach that cries "caution." Do you ignore that feeling or investigate it? Sometimes the warning signs are crying out to be heard, but we ignore them fearing the ramifications. So how do you choose the right path? Do you bury your head in the sand? Or do you stand tall and illuminate the shadows? We have chosen four shows that shine light on this timeless battle of either listening to or ignoring your instincts. As the famous song from this season's musical Cabaret asks, "With time rushing by, what would you do?" I am excited to present season 8 at The Studio: Trust Your Instincts.
-Whitney Morse, Artistic Director

Angel Street Cry It Out Cabaret The Roommate