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Preview: MAR 26-28, 2024
Opening: MAR 29, 2024
Closing: APR 27, 2024
ASL Performance: APR 16, 2024

$20 Preview Performances
$35 Performances

Estimated run time: 95mins

The Roommate
by Jen Silverman

An off-beat comedy about an even odder couple
With a recent divorce and her son living across the country, 50-something Sharon posts a listing for a roommate to fill the empty space of her Iowa home. Enter Robyn also in her mid-fifties, a fascinating woman who needs a place to hide and the chance to start over. Sharon is Walmart and white bread, book clubs, and leaving your door unlocked. Robyn is black leather boots, a motorcycle jacket, and cigarettes she's trying to quit. When Sharon begins to uncover Robyn's secrets, they encourage her own deep-seated desire to abandon her comfort zone and live a life of danger and adventure. Come along for this wild ride of a comedy that can only be described as The Odd Couple meets Breaking Bad. The Roommate cleverly navigates the rocky roads of change and hilariously examines what happens when the wheels come off.


adult content advisory
advisory scale 4 of 6
sexual advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
language advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
Herbal Cigarettes advisory
advisory scale 3 of 6
Stage Gun advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6

Trigger Warning:
Robyn shares that she dated a man and it ended badly. Sharon gets a drink and Robyn shares that she is sober. Robyn says her daughter talks in present tense because of her therapy. Robyn confesses to Sharon she scammed people for their money and her daughter Amanda helped her. Robyn tells Sharon that she sold pot and committed auto theft. Sharon tells Robyn over the phone that her daughter doesn't want her, and nobody wants her.
advisory scale 4 of 6 Adult Content: Robyn shares that she is gay. Sharon admits that she kissed a girl in college. Robyn asks about break ins and Sharon says she will start locking the door. Robyn is requitting smoking. Sharon asks if Robyn has tried nicotine gum. Sharon shares that she retired from her marriage. Robyn shares that there is great liberty in being bad. Robyn shows Sharon the medicinal marijuana she grows. Sharon says her son is dating a lesbian. Robyn dated a man, but it ended badly. Sharon tells Robyn that her son doesn't like her. Sharon tells her son that he doesn't share enough of his life with her and that she tried marijuana. Discussion of online dating. Robyn confesses to doing illegal stuff. Sharon asks Robyn about Amanda and the licenses. Robyn teaches Sharon how to scam people. Sharon scams Tanya. Betty's granddaughter had a pot brownie. Sharon and Robyn discuss guns. Sharon smashes Robyn's dolls that are filled with coke. Sharon lays the bags of cocaine on the table.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Sexual Content: Sharon kisses Robyn. Sharon talks about making out on her date and the man touching her breasts.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Language: Shit 2x. Shitty 2x. Bullshit 1x. Fuck 2x. Bitch 2x. Jesus Christ 1x. Damn 1x.

advisory scale 3 of 6 Herbal Cigarettes: Robyn comes in smoking. Robyn rolls a joint. Robyn and Sharon smoke a joint. Robyn goes outside to smoke a cigarette. Cigarettes are scattered all over the table. Robyn bags weed at the table. Sharon smokes a joint. Robyn takes the joint from Sharon and smokes it.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Stage Gun: Sharon takes out the gun she bought.

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