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Preview: SEPT 26-28, 2023
Opening: SEPT 29, 2023
Closing: OCT 21, 2023
ASL Performance: OCT 10, 2023

$20 Preview Performances
$35 Performances

Estimated run time: 2 hours 30 minutes including one intermission

Angel Street (Gaslight)
by Patrick Hamilton

The original psychological thriller
Meet the Manningham's a well to do couple living on Angel Street in 1880's fog-bound London. Jack is a charming and seemingly doting husband to Bella, but something sinister looms under the facade. Bella Manningham is on edge. She hears footsteps in the night; pictures are moving by themselves, and the gaslights dim without even a touch. Her husband is constantly disappearing. He tells her she is "mad", and she starts to believe him. As her grip on reality begins to slip, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery, most foul. This gripping thriller first opened on The West End in 1938 and upon its transfer to New York City became one of the longest running plays on Broadway. It was so popular that it originated the term gaslighting: a form of psychological manipulation where a person tries to make their victim question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Join us for one of the most brilliant and suspenseful pieces of modern theatre: Angel Street, where murder and mystery loom in the air.

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adult content advisory
advisory scale 4 of 6
sexual advisory
advisory scale 2 of 6
language advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
violence advisory
advisory scale 4 of 6

Trigger Warning:
Act I
Jack belittles Bella by calling her "perfect little silly". Jack literally gaslights Bella by telling her that she imagines things. Jack threatens to knock Bella down, lock her in her room, and leave her in darkness for a week. Jack tells Bella she will suffer the consequences for lying and concealing paper. Jack calls Bella an unhappy little wretch. Jack accuses Bella of being gibbering mad like her mother. Elizabeth takes her "medicine". Bella shares that her mother died from insanity when she was young. Bella is afraid to tell Jack she hears walking and noises upstairs because of his temper. Bella shares that Jack thinks she hurt the dog and she doubts and imagines everything. Jack tells Bella that she will be seeing several doctors to find out what is "wrong" with her. Jack tells Bella she will not be protected by him if her behavior continues. Jack makes Bella feel like she needs to lie down and rest.

Act II
Rough confesses that Bella's criminal maniac "husband" is driving her mad because she knows too much. Rough tells Bella that her "husband" is driving her mad because he used her money to buy the house and doesn't need her anymore. Rough tells Bella that she is not really married to Jack. Jack fancies Unemployed actresses when he goes away at night.

Jack calls Nancy a "good girl". Jack yells at Bella to sit down where he told her. Jack insults Bella with the word "somnambulist". Jack insults, mocks, and badgers Bella by asking if he married a "dumb woman". Jack forces Bella into a chair. Jack grabs Bella's neck and raises her. Rough slaps Bella across the face.
advisory scale 4 of 6 Adult Content:
Act I
Jack pressures Bella to answer his question. Jack confesses he's right and anyone else that thinks otherwise is weak minded. Jack tries to flatter the maid. Jack asks the maid to help Bella with her appearance. Jack calls Bella good which is why he is taking her to the theatre. Jack doesn't believe Bella when she says she didn't take the picture of the wall. Bella tells Elizabeth she is going out of her mind. Rough discusses murders they solved. Rough offers whiskey as "medicine". Rough tells Bella about the murder of "The Cabman's Friend".

Act II
Rough tells Bella that she was the person in Mr. Sydney Power's arms. Rough wants Bella to help get Jack's identity and his papers. Jack says he is going to try to be "a little gay". Rough tells Bella to stop making a fool of herself and have courage (whiskey for courage).

Jack demands Bella comes downstairs at once. Jack calls Bella a "rat". Rough describes the "ghosts" he sees in the room and murder. Rough lays down everything Jack has done, like murder and driving a woman out of her mind. Jack is eventually arrested for the murder of Alice Barlow. Bella looks for a razor to free Jack.

advisory scale 2 of 6 Sexual Content: Bella kisses Jack. Rough kisses Bella. Jack makes advances and kisses Nancy violently. Nancy kisses Jack violently in return. Jack and Nancy express wanting each other. Nancy kisses Jack several times.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Language: Hussies 1x. Wretch 3x. Wretched 3x. God 3x. Imbecile 2x.

advisory scale 4 of 6 Violence: Jack shakes Bella off him violently. Jack bangs on the desk 2x. Jack forces Bella down in the chair. Jack grabs Bella's neck and raises her. Rough kicks Jack in the shins. Bella throws a razor with rage. Bella holds razor up to Jack's face. Rough slaps Bella across the face.

Seating Chart

Seating Chart
*There is no late seating or re-seating at The Studio Theatre. This is for your safety and the safety of the performers.



Mrs. Manningham Laura Whittenberger
Mr. Manningham Jorge Emanuel Berrios *
Nancy Pricilla Torres
Elizabeth Kathleen Puls Andrade
Rough Alyson Johnson
U/S Elizabeth Barbara (Boon) Abrams
U/S Mr. Manningham Marc Lucia
Swing for Nancy / Mrs. Manningham / Rough Lauren Grace Thompson

Production & Design Team

Producer Jason Goedken
Artistic Director Whitney Morse
Associate Artistic Director Angel Creeks
Director of Production Danielle Paccione
Production Manager Leslie Becker
Technical Director Clayton Becker
Company Manager / Videographer Ryan Loeckel
The Studio Theatre House Manager Alec Speers
Assistant House Manager Nichole Pollack
Assistant House Manager Mark Kirschenbaum
Senior Marketing Coordinator Taylor Adkins
Marketing Associate Olivia Williamson
Director Celine Rosenthal
Assistant Director / Literary & Casting Associate Jordan Gregson
Fight Director Mark Rose
Intimacy Director Rebekah Lane
Dialect Coach Susan Cameron
Dramaturgy / Deck Stage ManagerStephanie Bezio
Stage ManagerJess Mahoney
Swing Stage ManagerMadison Youngblood
Set Designer / Props Designer / Set DressingJoshua Gallagher
Costume DesignerJordan Jeffers
Costume Shop SupervisorKat Henwood
Lighting DesignerEthan Vail
Wig DesignerTease and Floof
Lighting Supervisor / Lead ElectricianCollin Hall
Sound DesignerAlex Pinchin
Audiovisual SupervisorKimber King
Draftsperson / Dutchess of CarpentryAlison Scharvella
Scenic CarpenterChad Pavlovich
Scenic CarpenterVerna McIntyre
Lighting TechnicianAlly Southgate

*Denotes member of Actors Equity