The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
Hands holding megaphones, and mirrors wtih hearts

Season 7: I Am What I Am.

In Season 7 at The Studio, for the first time, all four of our productions are set in the past. Although they are contemporary works, the settings span from the turn of the 19th century to the 1980s. We found that many of the conflicts in these plays parallel modern issues we still face today. Each story is focused on characters demanding to be seen and understood for who they are. In every play a person bravely declares their identity to an unfamiliar community. Along the way, curtains are parted, secrets laid bare, and discoveries are made. Join us as we follow their journeys of independence and acceptance. As our musical La Cage Aux Folles proclaims, "Life's not worth a damn until you can say I am what I am." I am delighted to present Season 7 at The Studio: I Am What I Am.
--Whitney Morse, Artistic Director

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