The Studio Theatre Tierra Del Sol
fingers creating ripples in water

Season 6: Tiny Revolutions, Big Changes.

The last year has brought more change than any of us could have predicted. Amid the huge impact of the pandemic there were also protests on street corners and marches all over the country. People were standing up for their beliefs, as is our right as Americans. Some of these movements resulted in tangible change and every one of them was started by a single person; One person saw something they didn't agree with and decided to do something about it. This season we've curated four stories that unpack what it means to adapt to the changing world and also what to do when adapting isn't the answer. When is it time to change the world rather than just yourself? Each of the productions we selected for this season features characters who witness injustice and decide to start their own tiny revolution of one. That small act of bravery in just one person ripples out to others who join the fight. As Alice Walker said, "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." I am so grateful to present Season 6 at The Studio: Tiny Revolutions, Big Changes.
-Whitney Morse, Artistic Director

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