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Preview: NOV 22-24, 2021
Opening: NOV 26, 2021
Closing: DEC 18, 2021

$15 Preview Performances
$35 Performances

The Cake
by Bekah Brunstetter

Is it ok to stray from the recipe?
Jen and Macy are getting married! Macy comes from a Black progressive liberal New England family, while Jen's upbringing is from the white conservative south. When Jen returns home to get married locally she wants to hire her mother's charming best friend and Big American Bake-Off competitor, Della, to make her wedding cake. As a Christian woman, Della makes cakes, not judgment calls – those she leaves to God and her blue-collar husband, Tim. For the first time in her life Della has to think for herself. Her indecision about making a wedding cake for two women leaves Della and Jen at a crossroads covered and smothered in a mess of icing. This funny heartfelt play written by Bekah Brunstetter shows us how we all change when those we love bring us new perspectives.


nudity advisory
advisory scale 2/4
adult content advisory
advisory scale 3/4
sexual content advisory
advisory scale 2.75/4
language advisory
advisory scale 3/4

advisory scale 2/4 Nudity: There are some instances of undress. Nudity is mostly implied - no genitalia is shown.

advisory scale 3/4 Adult Content: Mentions or descriptions of the following: sugar addiction, politics, condoms, reproduction rights. A woman attempts to seduce her husband and vice versa using food.

advisory scale 2.75/4 Sexual Content: Man touches his wife's breast (not sexual in context), sounds of porn, couples cuddling, kissing, erotic descriptions, description of a clinical sex-related nightmare, attempted seduction.

advisory scale 3/4 Language: Use of profane language periodically throughout the play. Language tally (approximate):
B*tch - 1, C*nt - 2, Dang - 1, D*ke - 1, F*ck - 4, G*ddamn - 1, Hell - 1, Jesus - 1, Motherf*king - 1, Sh*t - 3

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