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2024 Mini Summer Vacation

Mini Summer Vacation 2024

Every summer our patrons can look forward to a summer of lighthearted entertainment here at The Studio. We have historically spent much of our time focused on presenting works that hold relevance to our community and current events, as that is our mission. Now, in the summer we are letting our hair down. We want to spend our summers with our studio patrons, but we are taking a little vacation from our mission to blow off some steam and enjoy a few belly laughs. Our summer shows will be of the high quality that our patrons have come to expect of The Studio team, just with more laughs. We are looking forward to giggles and gut-busters with all of you. So, come on over and enjoy some of your summer vacation with our Summer Vacation Mini Season.

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Season 9 Subscription: Buy tickets to all four Season 9 shows and recieve a discounted price of $140. Add both summer shows in the Mini Summer Vacation Bundle for an additional discounted price of $70. This option will be available when you make your Season 9 Subscription purchase.

Exit Laughing poster

Exit Laughing
by Paul Elliott
Jul 30 - Aug 25, 2024

When friendship is truly "urned."
Meet Connie, Leona, Millie, and Mary, a fabulous foursome akin to the Golden Girls. These sassy southern ladies have gathered for the past thirty years for giggles, gossip, and girl-time at their weekly bridge soiree. When Mary passes away the group wants to honor their dearly departed with one more unforgettable escapade. In a moment of spirited spontaneity, they decide to borrow her ashes from the funeral parlor for one last card game together. What follows is an evening filled with laughter, unexpected surprises, and a newfound appreciation for the joy of living life to the fullest. Have a cocktail with your friends and make a toast to life while

Little Shop of Horrors poster

Little Shop of Horrors
Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Music by Alan Menken
May 29 - June 29, 2024

Don't feed the plants!
In this gleefully gruesome sci-fi musical a florist's assistant, Seymour, lives on skid row, home to broken dreams and dead ends. Seymour's green thumb blessing becomes a curse when he inadvertently brings home a flesh eating plant that he names Audrey Two. Named after Seymour's secret crush, the carnivorous plant uses their rhythm and blues style to tempt Seymour with promises of love, fortune, and greener horizons. This deviously delicious Broadway smash hit follows Seymour as he plays nursemaid to the predatory plant's growing demand for more, more, MORE. Scored with witty sixties inspired music composed by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (Disney's Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin), this horticultural horror will have you screaming with laughter. Just remember, whatever they offer you, DON'T FEED THE PLANTS!?