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Longing to Below

Season 9: Longing to Belong

"We long to belong and belonging and caring anchors our sense of place in the universe." - Philosopher Patricia Churchland. Belonging is more than something humans want. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow human beings have a hierarchy of needs. To achieve self-actualization, first, our basic needs like food, water, shelter, and safety must be met. The very next and crucial human need is to belong, to find a community; a "village" as it were. This season Significant Productions has selected four scripts that highlight our need to be accepted as our authentic imperfect selves. Just as Pippin yearns for his "Corner of the Sky" we all long for a refuge and a social sphere to call our own. In season nine we want to dive deeper into what defines a community. How do you find it? How far will you go to keep it? What happens when you lose it? We are excited to announce Significant Productions' next season at The Studio: "Longing to Belong." -Whitney Morse, Artistic Director

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The Vote poster

The Vote      
by Bernardo Cubría
Sept 24 - Oct 19, 2024

In Search of Latinidad.
From award winning playwright Bernardo Cubría (Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement) comes a new satirical comedy The Vote. University Professor Paola Aguilar wants to become a mother and desperately needs money for… well, she'll tell you. So when THE Political Party offers her a substantial paycheck to help them understand the Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx/Latine Vote, she reluctantly takes the job. Can she help these political strategists understand all of the nuances of her community to save the election? Come help Paola make the biggest decision of her life. Will her own journey ultimately be more important than pinché politics?

When We Were Young And Unafraid poster

When We Were Young And Unafraid
by Sarah Treem
Nov 12 - Dec 14, 2024

Fresh breakfast, warm bed, new beginnings.
In the early 1970s before women had places to turn in times of distress, they had to rely on a secret network of good samaritans. In When We Were Young and Unafraid, Agnes has turned her quiet bed and breakfast into one of the few spots where abused women can seek refuge. But to Agnes' dismay, her latest young runaway, Mary Anne, is having a profound and questionable influence on Penny, Agnes' teenage daughter. And as the drums of the feminist revolution grow louder, Agnes is forced to confront her own presumptions about the people she’s been trying to help. Deeply moving and beautifully rendered, When We Were Young and Unafraid explores the cycle of abuse, the passion of youth, the wisdom of age, and the people who awaken us to new possibilities.

Pippin poster

Book by Roger O. Hirson and Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Jan 21 - Mar 1, 2025

We've got magic to do!
PIPPIN is a captivating and surprising romp of a musical. This dark-comedy tells the story of King Charlemagne's son, Pippin, as he embarks on a quest to find his true identity and purpose. This magical musical features an infectiously unforgettable score from four-time Grammy winner, three-time Oscar winner and musical theatre giant, Stephen Schwartz. Follow Pippin on his journey to be extraordinary and find his "Corner of the Sky." Along the way he seeks the "Glory" of the battlefield, the "Morning Glow" from the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power. His enthralling odyssey explores the realms of good and evil, reality and fantasy. "Join us… we've got magic to do, just for you."

Qualia poster

by Ashleigh Ann Gardner
Apr 1 - Apr 26, 2025

A Radioactive Love Story
Qualia, a post-nuclear play by Central Florida playwright and The Studio Theatre veteran, Ashleigh Ann Gardner, is a dystopian story set 100 years in the future. The world has been decimated by toxic radiation save a few lingering humans. Alex lives alone safely tucked away in a bunker made by her doomsday prepping parents. Her only companion is Dom, a compassionate AI program engineered by her late mother. Alex and Dom are the only sentient creatures for miles. Until one day a knock outside the bunker door turns their safe world upside down. This intelligent and modern play explores the formula for being human. Is using logic, expressing emotion, and feeling love enough; or is a traditional corporeal form also required? Join us for this funny and honest science fiction play about finding what it means to be human in an isolated world.