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Preview: JUN 6 - JUN 8, 2023
Opening: JUN 9, 2023
Closing: JUL 1, 2023
ASL Performance: JUN 27, 2023

$20 Preview Performances
$35 Performances

100 min with a 15 min intermission

Unnecessary Farce
by Paul Slade Smith

A fast-paced, door-slamming, handcuff-wearing, bagpipe-playing comedy!
Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go. In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room next-door, two undercover cops wait to catch the meeting on videotape. But who's in which room? Who's being videotaped? Who's taken the money? Who’s hired a Scottish Highland hit man, and why does the accountant keep taking off her clothes? Join us at The Studio this summer for the hilarious comedy Unnecessary Farce.

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adult content advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
sexual advisory
advisory scale 2 of 6
language advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
violence advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
loud noises advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
stage gun advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6
nudity advisory
advisory scale 1 of 6

advisory scale 1 of 6 Adult Content: Discussion of taking down the mayor of a small town. Meeting in hotel room instead of office. Description of how the hitman kills his targets. Frank is an assistant murderer. Todd is a murderer. Coming out of the closet humor. Character is held hostage. Assassination attempts — at least 2. Billie enters gagged and bound. Eric hits Todd with a door. Billie and Eric tie up Todd. Reference to seventh circle of hell. Hiding of Todd's body. Gun Standoff

advisory scale 2 of 6 Sexual Content: Karen and Eric madly kissing and professing love for each other. Karen addresses sexual hunger. Karen straddles Eric. Karen comes on to Frank. Frank undresses. Suggestive undulations and moans in bed. Sexual humor — at least twice

advisory scale 1 of 6 Language: Language tally (approximate): Oh my God - 3x. Damn - 2x. Damn it - 2x. Idiot - 1x. Shit - 6x. Bastard - 1x. Sexy - 5x. Hell - 11x. Thieving whore - 1x. Son of a bitch - 1x. Holy Crap - 4x.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Violence: Tallahassee Flip - 2x. Suggestion of murder. Billie and Frank wrestle or tussle. Frank and Todd Fight. Todd and Billie fight. Billie and Mary fight for Todd's gun.

advisory scale 2 of 6 Loud Noises: Slamming Doors. Gun shot sound. Shatter. Potential for bagpipes playing.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Stage Gun: Gun raised toward characters - 12x. Fight over guns - 2x. Gun Standoff between Mary, Billie, Eric, and Todd. Gun threat - 2x. Gun trigger pulled one time.

advisory scale 1 of 6 Nudity: Partial Nudity - Eric in undershorts 2x. Partial Nudity - Frank in undershorts. Potential Partial nudity - Karen 2x. Partial Nudity - Todd one time.

Seating Chart

Seating Chart
There is no late seating or re-seating at The Studio Theatre. This is for your safety and the safety of the performers.



Eric Sheridan Matt Katzenmeier
Billie Dwyer Da'Zaria Harris
Karen Brown Whitney Morse
Mayor Meekly Mark Edward Smith
Agent Frank Craig Smith
Todd Nick Bublitz
Mary Meekly Alyson E. Johnson
Female Swing Kimber King
Male Swing Jeffrey Smith

Production & Design Team

PRODUCER Jason Goedken
Director of Production Danielle Paccione
Production Manager Leslie Becker
Technical Director Clayton Becker
Lighting Designer / Lead Electrician Mason Shell
Company Manager / Videographer Ryan Loeckel
The Studio Theatre House Manager Alec Speers
Assistant House Manager Nichole Pollack
Assistant House Manager Mark Kirschenbaum
Senior Marketing Coordinator Taylor Adkins
Marketing Associate Olivia Williamson
Literary & Casting Associate Jordan Gregson
Director Roberta Emerson
Fight and Intimacy Director Dan Granke
Dialect Coach Eric Zivot
Stage Manager Madison Youngblood
Assistant Stage Manager Stephanie Bezio
Set Designer / Props Design / Set Dressing Joshua E. Gallagher
Costume Designer Kat Henwood
Original Music & Sound Design Alexander Sovronsky
Audio System Designer Luke Bezio
Lead Carpenter Alison Scharvella

*Member of Actor's Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers, appearing under a special agreement with Actor's Equity Association.